Graphic of melting legislature building in Victoria. Graphic by Sie Douglas-Fish.

Escaping the heat without housing: How Victoria’s unhoused fared in the heat dome

Ross Turchyn woke up to see his thermometer reading at 29°C. It was late June, around 7 a.m. The sun had not yet reached his tent.
Heather Norton, courtesy of Heather Norton via UVic News.

Award-winning student project proposes climate course for first years

For a lot of students, the first year of university is a time of upheaval. Starting university means new people, new classes, new expectations, new responsibilities, and sometimes, moving far…
living with water PICS

Living with Water project explores coastal adaptation plans to address rising sea levels

The UVic based Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (PICS) launched the Living with Water project on Dec. 15th. This $1 million, four-year Theme Partnership Project connects teams of researchers who…

The post-milk era? Plant-based alternatives are on the rise

"Plant-based beverages are on the verge of usurping traditional dairy milk’s once-ubiquitous role in the Canadian diet, and are quickly becoming more than just alternatives for the next generation of…

New study shows all-electric transport in B.C. is cost-effective

Researchers at UVic’s Institute for Integrated Energy Systems recently published a study examining the province’s transportation future. The study found B.C. would need to double its energy grid capacity but…

100 Debates on the Environment event in Victoria draws large crowd

The 100 Debates on the Environment event filled the pews of the First Metropolitan United Church on October 3. Concerned voters listened as four local candidates took to the stage…

Three of the local activists that are making climate action cool

Climate change may seem like a big, lofty issue, but these local youth are fearlessly facing it head-on. Whether by leading advocacy groups on campus or leaving school to strike…
native students union


"A recent genetic study of Skeena Sockeye salmon scales revealed that in the past 100 years, their population has decreased by over 75 per cent. This is no surprise to…

Victoria to participate in global student strike for the climate

This could potentially be the biggest global student strike for the climate to date On Friday, Mar. 15, pages of tests and textbooks will be left unturned as local youth…

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