One of Victoria nightlife’s most beloved events of the year declares: Indie Sleaze is back, baby!

If I wear my Raybans from 2007 and dance really hard… will 2024 just go away? It’s 10 p.m. on a Thursday night in Victoria, B.C. and at Hermann’s Upstairs,…

Polar dips: A cool way to find bliss 

Walking through campus in the pouring rain, looking like I had showered with all my clothes on, I was defeated, but I wasn’t alone. The Canadian Mental Health Association reports…
The Wicket Hall, photo by Kristen de Jager.

Ranking Victoria’s nightclubs

Going out to nightclubs on the weekends is a prominent fixture in student culture. Due to this, many young adults know that choosing the right place to blow off some…

UVic student helps herself and others through mental health awareness

When Dana Neily talks about her struggles with balancing mental health and schoolwork, she appears calm and collected — like she’s had this conversation before. Perhaps her nonchalant attitude comes from her…

Fencing with The Force

Inside a fencing mask, the world disappears. The light of the room dims, eyes shielded by the tight cross-section of wire mesh that stretches around my face like a cage.…

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