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The Vancouver Police Department has consistently met Indigenous land defenders with hostility, but sit idly by while ‘Freedom’ marches occur

Colonizers have been spreading disease for decades, but Indigenous rights are where they draw the line The night of March 12-13, 2021, the Vancouver Police Department (VPD) violently arrested two…
Statue of James Cook with red paint

John A. MacDonald was a start

On Saturday, August 29th, a group of activists in Kanien’kehá:ka territory gathered to demand the defunding of police. As the demonstration was coming to an end, a group scaled the…

The RCMP is a force of colonial bigotry

The bigotry we are witnessing is institutional, systemic, violent, and unjust. No matter how many land acknowledgements are performed, the patterns of the past remain. Indigenous people are treated as…

Colonialism at Christmas: How homogeneous holiday traditions damage society

These days, everyone, not only Christians celebrate Christmas. But what effect on society does this cultural norm have?

Indigenous stories from UVic featured in The Camp(us)

Throughout history, education has been used to further and institutionalize colonialism. A newly released film shot at UVic seeks to unpack those dynamics, connecting the experiences of students at UVic…
native students union


What does it take to turn colonial apathy into human empathy? We share the same planet, the same air, the same water, the same moon, and the same sun. We…
native students union

NEWS UNSETTLED | Starbucks: Colonizing Campus One Cup at a Time

Earlier this year, the encroachment of Starbucks onto the stolen lands currently occupied by UVic sparked anger into the hearts of students. Not only were these students upset that an…

NEWS UNSETTLED | Changing the name

UVic has decided to decline taking a stance of support Unist’ot’en. For me, this is a testament to the limits of reconciliation. For universities and many Canadian institutions, even the…

NEWS UNSETTLED | Addressing the bigger picture

As the Firekeeper of the Native Students Union, I started writing in this column for the sole purpose of pressuring the University of Victoria to address the injustices against the…

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