Dating apps foster superficial connection, but it is possible to find a long-term match

Nowadays, so many people I talk to have stories about hookups or one-time dates they met on Tinder. The app has become synonymous with casual sex and dating, not relationships. However,…
Asking someone out

How to ask a UVic student out on a date

Yes, this is the article you have been waiting for. Cuffing season is around the corner and I know a lot of you have been eyeing that one person in…

Swiping right on virtual dating

Without the usual social scenes at Canoe Club or the Sticky Wicket in Victoria, it can be hard to create opportunities to meet new people. The pandemic has encouraged a…
Sex and dating in the time of COVID-19 graphic of sex toys and mask

5 tips for sex and dating in the time of COVID-19

Below are a few tips for sex and dating during COVID-19 that may make your search for a boo safer for you. The pursuit of pleasure and intimacy

Tinder horror stories: When swiping right goes wrong

On a site where people describe themselves in their bios as “definitely a bad influence,” “not actually a douche bag,” and “looking for a strong, confident woman … who understands…

A venture into non-monogamy

In 2018, when I was picking up magazines at the library I worked at, I stumbled upon a New York Times magazine cover sporting the headline “Is an open marriage…

Dating a conservative changed the way I engage in discussions

Dating a conservative has taught me a lot of lessons — first and foremost that my assumption was wrong: no one way of thinking has all the answers for every…

Is it harder for our generation to find love?

How our social media personas affect relationships That five-inch device in your pocket or in your hands (and what you’re probably using to read this article with) may be the…

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