Eclectic Affinities

Eclectic Affinities: The moral imperative to accept refugees

Canada has a moral imperative to accept refugees. It’s actually incredible that this article has to be written. Notice that it’s times like these that the politically ignorant and the…

Eclectic Affinities: New book breaks down the Ukrainian tug of war

There was a Polish meme making the rounds during the Crimean status referendum in 2014 that captioned a glum-looking politician, proclaiming, “If Russia gets Crimea because of the large Russian…

Eclectic Affinities: In defence of longer campaigns

A constant point of throat-clearing from pundits and politicians this past election was its sheer length. The tone was mostly negative; the 42nd general election, weighing in at 78 days,…

The ultimate trade: Thirty years of Blood Meridian

One way to judge the merits of a novel is by its shelf life. For example, Herman Melville’s seminal Moby Dick was a commercial and critical flop during the author’s…

Eclectic Affinities: Trying to succeed, or what to avoid

The main sentiment I heard backstage at my University of Regina graduation this past May was disturbing, considering the circumstances. Right before proudly crossing the convocation stage to receive my…

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