Online courses undermine quality education

In the case of the millennial and post-millennial generations, the integration of technology and the Internet with daily activities increases continuously, and education is no exception. Moving university courses to…

Education in general

At some point in the pursuit of higher education, everyone must choose which direction to take. Often people start by sampling everything, and then later shift into a more specialized…

Community meets to discuss future of B.C. schools

On Jan. 23, members of the community assembled at UVic for a panel discussion on signs and potential dangers of schools in B.C. moving to privatization and commercialization. The panel…

York University looks to hire teaching-only faculty

The Gazette — ONTARIO — Most students are aware that an extensive amount of their professors’ time goes to research in addition to their teaching duties. York University, however, has…

Philosophy class interrupted by formerly dead philosopher

HUMOUR — A 200-level Philosophy class received quite a shock last week when an unexpected visitor appeared in their classroom. Not only was this visitor unexpected, but he was also…

Flipping the Classroom

For generations, students have spent their days furiously copying lecture notes from a chalkboard and their nights churning out assignments based on those notes. This familiar model is the dominant…

Business minors can round out degrees

In the current shaky job market, students are sometimes pessimistic about their career outlook post-graduation. According to staff from UVic’s business school and a major employer in Victoria, certain undergrads…

Student opts for 20th-century approach to homework

For all of our automation and time-saving tech, how many of us feel rushed and harried, as if we have no time at all? With the advent of technology that…

Education Hurts

A lot of you probably don’t know this because you’re on Facebook all day instead of contributing to society, but some people have jobs.

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