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Eat, drink, and be merry: The Martlet’s favourite holiday recipes

As the holidays approach, the Martlet decided to share some of our holiday baking (and sipping) traditions in the hope that they’ll inspire you to try them out or find…

Baking with Bix: Foccacia Bread

An uninteresting and intermittent cooking column   Are you interested in making friends by implementing your half-assed baking ability? No? Too bad, because you’ll be making them one way or…

Sketchbook: Munchie Bar

Snapshots of the best coffee on campus.

Some like it hops

When the frat boys crawl out from under shot-gunned cans of Bud and begin the steps towards the craft beer wall of their local beer stores, more often than not…

Wear onesies and eat kale

Be Love vegetarian and vegan restaurant is like wearing a onesie. If you’ve ever worn a onesie, then you know what I’m talking about. You maybe tried one on expecting…

Zero waste at swanky new caf

Mystic Market is slated to swap in for UVic’s Centre Cafeteria by September 2014; the new, West Coast Trail-inspired eatery will boast zero per cent waste, according to a preview…

Campus Community Garden plots food security

Between the grey and rain of this time of year, we are treated to an odd day of sun. It is this kind of rare sun that turns puddles into…

Perfect pesto for all occasions

Gourmet, green—pesto is my favourite food to experiment with. It all comes down to a pretty basic formula: toasted nuts, parmesan, fresh herbs, olive oil, garlic, and sometimes a veggie…

A gourmet meal for a deal

Often, people make New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, whether it be to eat less or exercise more. I, however, vowed to make 2014 my year to learn how to…

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