free speech

Protesters crash effective altruism debate

Members of the campus community were put at odds with one another after raucous protest interrupted an UVic Effective Altruism club event at Cinecenta on Wednesday, March 1. The event,…

UPDATE: Club policy continues to draw backlash from free speech advocates

UPDATE Feb. 23: This story has been updated to include events that took place at the board meeting on Monday, Feb. 20. A new amendment to UVSS policy designed to prevent preferential…

Anonymity comes at the expense of reasonable discourse

We need to talk about anonymity. Earlier this year, I downloaded Yik Yak to keep an eye on what students at UVic were talking about (newspaper editors need to stay…

EDITORIAL: On free speech

The UVic student political landscape saw the entrance of its newest contender last week, with the advent of the UVic Students for Free Speech and Accountability (USFSA). Borne of the…

The hanging of free speech: The case of Greg Elliott

“There are three things in the world that deserve no mercy: Hypocrisy, Fraud, and Tyranny.” — Frederick Robertson Too few are aware of the current legal fiasco involving one Twitter warrior by…

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