Five tips for queer-ing your closet

It takes more than “good style” to be clocked as LGBTQ+ in the wild. Here are five ideas to give your outfits some zest.
Gender-diverse advocacy at the BC Legislature, photo by Maya Linsley.

Healing beyond healthcare: Fostering support with trans and gender-diverse communities

It’s March 30 — just one day before the 14th annual International Trans Day of Visibility (TDOV). This year, the folks at Tau Wellness have kick-started the celebrations early with…
Illustration by Callie Clissold-Hoyle.

UVic expands gender declaration options for applicants, students, and employees

After the Government of British Columbia issued a policy change regarding gender designations in January 2022, UVic is following suit by offering more options in selecting gender identity and expression…

It’s okay to be gender apathetic

When it comes to gender identity, words matter. Often, preventing acts of discrimination starts with learning these words. The right words can signify respect, recognition, and affirmation, while the wrong…
Sexualized Violence

Women are not responsible for making sure they are not the victims of sexual assault

Sarah Everard investigation opens up conversation about all forms of gender-based violence Readers should be advised that the following article discusses sexualized and gender-based violence, including sexual assault.  In the…
gender-based violence graphic of open door

Worsened gender-based violence continues during COVID-19, disproportionately affecting marginalized communities

Since the start of the pandemic, gender-based violence has increased between 20 and 30 per cent and has disproportionately affected marginalized communities. Heightened violence and its unequal effects have left…
pronouns photo

Affirming, reevaluating, and reimagining gender performance and identity in the time of COVID-19

Here we share six stories of people who have thought about their gender in different ways through COVID-19 and explore what gender means to them.

UVic offers free pads and tampons for all

In Canada, 34 per cent of women and girls have at some point had to give up another necessity in order to budget for menstrual products. At UVic, starting in…

All public bathrooms must be banned to ensure true gender neutrality

Some have suggested that all washrooms be made equally inclusive. Conversely, I feel that it is only patriotic of me to advocate a stronger solution. In the interest of true…

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