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UVic takes down job posting for Hong Kong Police Force after students raise concerns

UVic is the latest Canadian university to advertise Hong Kong Police Force jobs Over the last few months, Canadian universities — from UBC to McMaster — have tried to recruit…

Looking back on this year’s activism: What’s next?

Judging by the enthusiastic and liberal participation of rallies, protests, and direct action that has happened on campus and in the city this year, UVic students have certainly been stickin’…

UVic professor, students feeling impact of ongoing Hong Kong protests

As protests in Hong Kong continue, tensions have grown in Victoria and Vancouver between pro-democracy supporters and pro-China supporters. Peaceful demonstrations have quickly turned aggressive between these two groups, causing…

What can Hong Kong help us remember?

The struggle of protesters to express a deeper sense of historical awareness around Hong Kong’s sovereignty, or any other kind of struggle for the right to control the nation-state for…

UVic students could learn a thing or two from Hong Kong

UVic students have a long and historic tradition of Stickin’ it to The Man. Student activism will inevitably sweep across campus sometime this year — but over in Hong Kong,…

HK protesters still have reasons to fight

Hong Kong is undeniably a part of China, but does that mean it has no chance for democracy?

Love and peace in the streets

Those on the streets of Hong Kong show courage, patriotism, and an admirable desire for change; they deserve our support.

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