Letters to the editor — March 23

Racism alive and well in Canada I noticed that early Thursday afternoon, near the UVSS, there was somehow an event about “How do you challenge white supremacy?” But I assume…

Letter: Those on the left need to deal with dissenting voices

Re: “In the debate over free speech, there are no clear winners,” March 9 As well meaning as the editor’s sentiments are in your editorial “In the debate over free…

Letters—Feb. 9

Re: “Let the students edit,” Jan. 26 Dear Editor, The editorial is quite surprising to read, since I was always under the assumption that peer edited work was always supported…

Open letter: Power and privilege don’t lead to collaborative, inclusive communities

This year, UVic’s Diversity Research Forum includes a panel taking place on Friday, Jan. 27, made up exclusively of UVic executives. Titled “Shared Lessons: On the Journey to a Collaborative, Inclusive…

Letters to the editor: Nov. 3

University Bible Fellowship accusations unfounded Editor’s note: On June 9, the Martlet published a story titled “Student club connected to an organization accused of cult-like activities.” This report outlines the…

Letters to the editor: March 31

The acquittal of Ghomeshi renewed hopelessness for survivors of sexual violence. The evidence of how the justice system is rigged to favor rapists has never been clearer. Either all women…

Letter to the editor: Neutral on gender-neutral washrooms

Hello, The gender-neutral washrooms in the SUB interested me for a few seconds when I first entered the building. Then it became pretty clear that they were previously gender-binary and…

Re: “An open letter to UVic Pride”

First and foremost, we want to thank the person who wrote to the Martlet. They took the time to address some major concerns that they have faced within our Collective.…

An open letter to UVic Pride

Dear University of Victoria Pride Collective, Yours was the first Pride Collective I felt drawn to be a part of. Your members, location, funding, and overall presence is much more…

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