How to create a martyr and incite violence: the Trumpian guide to targeted killing

"Targeted killings are delicate things which should be carried out in a way that ensures, to the greatest extent possible, plausible deniability. In true Trumpian style, Soleimani’s killing was the…

Our military has lost “clout” because it does horrible things

Our military has done horrible things both abroad and at home. Canadians need to reckon with that and envision a national service that does not rely on violence.

Canada lacks clout

Nearly four years, many unmet expectations, one ethics scandal, and a pipeline saga later, many Canadians are well aware of their prime minister’s notable flaws. However, in an episode of…

Canadian military poses $3-million question to Geography department

UVic’s Department of Geography has the opportunity to propose a research project that could earn it $3 million in funding from the Canadian military through the Department of National Defence…

UVSS role debated before upcoming career fair

A controversial employer at a career fair shows two different visions for the UVSS: one that limits itself to popular student issues like tuition costs and transit pass-ups, and one…

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