The importance of (and difficulty with) reason

Reason, irrespective of its origin, is essential in separating human beings from an estimated 7.77 million species of animals worldwide. Other animals make decisions based on instinct or trial-and-error learning.…

A Greek Village may help house students

Newsflash! . . . Not! Housing demand on campus far exceeds the available supply. This is not a new development, and is recognized at all levels at the University of Victoria (UVic),…

Calling the kettle black as oil

As a soon-to-graduate engineering student at Dalhousie University, I regularly hear, “So what now? Where are you going to go?” To which I reply, “Oil and gas, if I’m lucky.”…

Undesirables, by whose standards?

I live downtown in a condo governed by a strata council. A month ago, the strata council sent tenants a letter that detailed the list of “pests” we were attracting…

Should the Olympics impose popular values?

When discriminatory notions result in malevolent action against certain groups, they should be reassessed by those in positions of power. The new law passed by the Russian government, which incriminates…

Fear and loathing on campus

Prelude to conflict Today at its Oct. 17 Annual General Meeting (AGM), the University of Victoria Students’ Society’s (UVSS) directors will request a mandate to ban certain pamphlets, which are…

University makes people jaded

During my time pursuing a liberal arts degree at the University of Victoria, I have met a great many honest, inspirational people. They will go on to change the way…

Just how grizzly is the trophy hunt?

It’s hard to imagine anyone feeling a sense of pride as they walk away from a skinned grizzly bear: missing its noble head and all four of its powerful paws,…

Drawing lines in the sand

It’s a bit hard to believe that Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” was released in March. Yet, one infamous video and uncomfortable MTV Video Music Awards performance later, the 2013 song…

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