pornography in the library from gale archives wet dreams

Why is there pornography in the library?

Erotica of the past is important to understanding sexuality of the present. PORNOGRAPHY! IN THE LIBRARY! I just thought you ought to know. Yes, UVic’s archives and databases contain many…

What is feminist porn?

Despite being a feminist, I have no idea how to define feminist porn. Is it romance-novel sex? Is it women in leather with strap-ons? Can porn even be feminist? Porn…

Torn on porn: A look at addiction & pornography

Where do we draw the line between overuse and addiction in an internet-obsessed culture? Charlotte Loppie, a UVic Professor in the School of Public Health, Social Policy, and Community-Based Aboriginal…

EDITORIAL: Blurred lines: Virtual porn may be hazardous to our health

Once upon a time, somebody accused art of being pornography. Of course, those were gentler times when pornography was some strategically placed soap in a surrealist portraiture. But things have…

Streeters: How do you feel about virtual reality pornography?

“I’ve actually watched it. And it’s very realistic. It will definitely have a market. It will have a lot of clients, if you want to call them clients. But it’ll…

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