Peanut butter cookies with a cannabis flower and chocolate on top, photo by Atum Beckett.

Extra special peanut butter cookies

Consuming edibles can be a great way to enjoy cannabis. It avoids the lung damage that comes with smoking and the high lasts much longer while using much less product.
Tofu katsu, photo by Atum Beckett.

Upgrade your meatless Mondays with this simple tofu katsu

If there’s any ingredient that doesn’t deserve the hate it gets, it’s tofu. Make this dish for anyone, die-hard meat eater or not, and they’ll see just how versatile and…
Risotto, photo by Atum Beckett.

Fall date night recipe: Butternut Squash Risotto

As the weather is finally starting to change, it’s the perfect time to invite someone over and impress them with some cooking skills. And if that’s not possible, maybe it’s…
homeade oreo

Christmas Cookie Recipe: Better than Store-Bought Oreos

Whether you’re sharing with your household, leaving them on a friend’s doorstep, or eating them all yourself, these homemade Oreo cookies are sure to be a hit this holiday season.

Get your drank on this holiday season

Although you may be daunted by the responsibility of hosting a Christmas party, don’t worry: alcohol can provide the perfect inhibitor to your guests’ potential judgement of your hosting ability.…

Catalan canelons recipe

A rich and delicious meal that is the turkey of the Catalan Christmas dinner, perfect to switch up your own traditions and take a break from turkey round two (or…

Lasagna macaroni

This recipe may cause you to eat nothing but pasta for a week.

Vegetarian organic gluten-free comfort chili

The beauty of this recipe is that, for the most part, it takes about 15 minutes of actual cooking, and the rest of it is just waiting.

Chocolate pudding

Serves four... well, maybe two

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