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Canada’s iniquitous public holiday system

Canada, “the True North strong and free.” This is a key component of this country’s national anthem. However, is this multicultural state, enshrined in outmoded law, truly free for all?…
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Local religious and spiritual groups continue to provide community, companionship, hope

With the holiday season approaching, religious groups are having to navigate worship at a distance. For many people in Victoria, these groups aren't just people to pray or meditate with…

DEAREST READER | A proclamation of the foundation of the Church of Latter-Day Students

Some may look dimly on the prospect of conjuring from the æther a new and mortal-centred yet divine doctrine. Nevertheless, I warrant that so long as midterms, finals, essays, and…

Wiccan holidays scrapped from UVic religious observances calendar

Eight Wiccan holiday dates were removed from UVic’s annual religious observances calendar this year, leaving students and faculty who identify as Wiccan without a way to request time off for…

Relics in Catholicism

Five hundred-year-old arm of St. Francis visited Victoria earlier this year On Jan. 27, St. Francis Xavier’s arm arrived in Victoria at St. Andrew’s Catholic Church. The relic had travelled…

Momentum festival celebrates community through movement and mindfulness

On Saturday, Nov. 4, students gathered at the Interfaith Chapel for the fifth Momentum Festival at UVic. The Momentum Festival started in 2015 and occurs twice a year. By conducting…

Student club connected to an organization accused of cult-like activities

It started with a seemingly innocuous newspaper article. In January 2016, the Camosun College Student Society (CCSS) published a column in the Nexus — Camosun’s independent student newspaper — listing off a number of…

Quebec Charter of Values must be the last nail in the coffin of separatism

History is full of stories of people who fought for democracy and sacrificed their lives to have liberty in different parts of the world. Freedom fighters, libertarians, socialists, communists, republicans,…

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