Vancouver preventative sexual assault program makes its way to Victoria

Good Night Out is helping raise awareness about, respond to, and prevent sexualized and gender-based violence in Victoria’s nightlife scene.

UVic’s new SafetyApp is simple but smart

The university recently announced the launch of the UVic SafetyApp, a new mobile resource for students. But how easy is the app to use? What are its features? Is it…

With avalanches, no one is immune to danger

Alas, this winter’s snowpack still has not reached Mt. Washington’s mythical five-metre base (last seen in 2012). Still, a 106 cm base is better than last January’s paltry 30. A…

Victoria mother petitions for buffered bike lanes

There aren’t many buffered bike lanes in the city, and many streets don’t have bike lanes at all. Lloyd’s petition implores Victoria’s mayor, city councillors, and future municipal leaders to…

Cyclists deserve respect, too

Victoria claims itself to be “bike-friendly;” however, being on the roads for about three years now—since becoming a student at the University of Victoria—I have mixed feelings about that claim.

Solid and Shaky

An assessment of UVic’s emergency earthquake plan

Deer management strategies considered, contested

According to an advisory group appointed to find solutions to the capital region’s deer problem, we should increase public education about deer, ease fencing regulations and allow hunters to kill…

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