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With porn more accessible than ever, it’s time to take a hard look at how we use it

Pornhub recently released their 2023 stats. In Canada, 85 per cent of the website’s traffic came from mobile devices.

Why circumcision is potentially ruining your sex life

I’m not saying that everyone who is circumcised is worse off for it. But it’s time we critically consider the pros and cons of circumcision.
Photo by Hana Chamberlain.

In review: First sex-themed convention a hit

Presented by the Gender Empowerment Centre (GEM), the University of Victoria Students’ Society advocates organized their first Sexpo in March. The free all-day event took place in the Student Union…

Assessing, preventing, and managing HPV

That same mindset also applies to sex and the risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), especially as restrictions are lifting — just in time for Valentine’s Day. One such STI…
UVic's Health and Wellness building via Google Earth,

How to get tested for STIs in Victoria

Have you been tested? While the pandemic may have made phrases like this more commonplace, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and testing are often still uncomfortable topics for many young people.…

Performing pleasure: a dive into the phenomenon of fake orgasms

In a sexual culture dominated by male satisfaction, performance has become an alternative to communication for some.

Consent is not something you can just write down

BURNABY — Let me just pre-emptively address the elephant in the room: I believe that any sexual activity should include equal consent between all participants, and that’s exactly what the Affirmative Consent…

Island Sexual Health Clinic overcomes funding shortfalls

After dealing with inadequate funding in 2014, the Island Sexual Health Clinic (ISHC) on Quadra Street says that they are in a much better financial situation after deliberate staff changes and…

UVic Greens fundraise for Island Sexual Health

The UVic Greens have been fundraising and spreading awareness for a recent $165 000 budget shortfall at the Island Sexual Health Society due to their rising clinical demands in 2013–2014.

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