Graphic by Parris Mook-Sang-Forbes.

BC Cancer Society urges UVic to go 100 per cent smoke-free

The BC Cancer Society is concerned as momentum for university campuses to go 100 per cent smoke-free slows.

Creative non-fiction finalist | Blue Fire

Read the 2019 Creative Non-Fiction finalist of the Martlet's Summer Writing Contest — Blue Fire, written by Charlotte Futcher.

Why I’m hatin’ Vape Nation

Too many people think vapes are exempt from the rules due to their overall low profile, and I’ve frankly had enough. Respect my right to clean air within campus, and…

I started vaping ironically and now I can’t stop

After occasionally using my roommate's vape outside at house parties, I eventually bought one of my own. Fast forward to five months later and I am frantically hiding my hefty…

Proposed anti-smoking bylaw hurts homeless the most

Imagine a city untroubled by yucky smells, where happy citizens only make healthy choices. Doubtless, this is exactly what Victoria city councillors envisioned when they proposed an anti-smoking amendment to…

UVic’s smoking policy and you

You’re on your way to the Cornett building. You’re rushing, because you’re not exactly sure where that office is, and it’s a maze in that building at best. You round…

Downtown smoking areas restricted by bylaws

Smokers are being pushed farther and farther away from the non-smoking public as the Capital Regional District (CRD) board recently amended its Clean Air policy. The policy formerly banned lit…

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