Streeters: What do you think about revealing Halloween costumes?

What do you think about wearing skimpy or revealing Halloween costumes; are they empowering, demeaning, or just simply costumes? How a woman decides to present in a public space is…

Streeters: Do you think UVic is doing enough to address climate change?

Do you think UVic is doing enough to address climate change and be sustainable? If so, what do you see happening and if not, what could UVic do better? The…

Streeters: We asked you about the Burnaby protests

Cate White Third year Poli-sci I think what’s interesting about non-violent protests in general is it is more about relationships. It’s about community. People think this is such a polarized…

Streeters: We asked you about Mystic Market

Mitchell Morales What are your thoughts on Mystic Market now that it’s open? It’s pretty nice, I wish I had this in first year. I’m in my fourth year and…

We asked you and your parents on move-in day

What excites you most about coming onto campus? It’s sunny; it has good weather. What made you choose UVic? The campus is re ally nice and it’s a little far…

How well do you think the UVSS election process works?

    Until I had a friend of mine explain it to me, I knew nothing about it. Zach Adams First year General studies     I didn’t find it…

Will you be changing your wardrobe for spring/summer? If so, how?

  “I wear a lot of dresses already—so I’m basically just getting rid of the tights, which is perfect. I wear dresses and skirts year-long.” Amanda Maclean Humanities Second year…

What do you think of the initiative to divest UVic funds from fossil fuel?

Lorelie Leon Master’s student Business I agree that it’s a good idea. Even if I’m already invested in it, I think it’s a good idea to move, because it’s a…

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