STREETERS: If you could give first-year students one piece of advice going into exam season, what would it be?

“[First-years should] find the right sources and make sure that they find a lot of friends … then they have friends to compare their homework with and to also study…

STREETERS: What do you think of Canada’s plan to legalize marijuana?

“I think that it’s good for the economy. It’ll keep it out of the hands of younger kids. I think it’s a good thing, it’s a positive change. I don’t…

STREETERS: How do you feel about UVic Food Services?

“It is pretty good in terms of quality but it is pretty expensive and some prices don’t make sense. So, for example, there was a sandwich for five bucks, and…

Streeters: What are your thoughts on Donald Trump getting elected?

“Honestly I’ve tried to distance myself from American politics recently ‘cause I just find it so frustrating. And I am just trying to look at positives in Canada rather than…

Streeters: We asked you about new gender-inclusive washrooms

At the end of October, more than 75 single-stall washrooms across campus will be posted with new signs to indicate a gender-inclusive facility. How do you feel about the gender-inclusive…

Streeters: April Fool’s Day

What April Fool’s Day pranks have you pulled off, or been victim of? No, I’ve never pulled a prank. I really like the idea of April Fool’s Day. I like…

Streeters: How do you feel about virtual reality pornography?

“I’ve actually watched it. And it’s very realistic. It will definitely have a market. It will have a lot of clients, if you want to call them clients. But it’ll…

Streeters: Are you going to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens?

  “Yes, I’m planning on seeing it on the 20th. It’s my best friend’s birthday that day and he’s having a Star Wars-themed birthday party which includes laser tag and…

Streeters: How important is the Let’s Get Consensual Campaign to you?

How important is the Let’s Get Consensual Campaign to you?  Editor’s note: This streeter was originally conducted at the end of September, shortly after a sexual assault took place on…

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