super bowl

A couch with discarded popcorn. Photo by Phillip Goldsberry via Unsplash.

No sports game excuses the physical or mental abuse of others

Many of us have witnessed how masses of lively and unwaveringly devoted sports fans can quickly become a forest fire: wild, unruly, and uncontrollable. From the cars and garbage cans…

Top 10 sports stories of 2018

From Golden State winning the NBA title (again) to the Vegas Golden Knights getting to the Stanley Cup final, 2018 saw underdogs flourish and favourites dominate Last year I said…

The CFL is a unique and tight-knit community. Let’s treasure it.

A true David and Goliath story always warms the hearts of audiences. So why does the less popular Canadian Football League struggle to succeed against the American National Football League…

I wish Coldplay would just go away

Having tuned in to the Super Bowl more at my father’s whim than by any choice of my own, I was greeted with a technicolour display of nauseating exuberance led…

Beyoncé bowls over white expectations

So, the Super Bowl happened. There were a couple gangs of men running into each other and falling down, while some other dudes whistled and waved hankies, but more importantly:…

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