Five spring fashion tips

I’ve lived in Victoria my whole life, and I like to think that I’ve learned a thing or two about dressing in the springtime. Here are five tips to reinvent…

The time my house was destroyed by a flood

As many cozied up with hot cocoa and movies over the final days of the winter holidays, I can’t say I experienced that same luxury. On Jan. 3, I found…

Why Victorians aren’t allowed to feel cold or Canadian in winter

Winter’s always colder on the other side “Canada? Wow! It’s cold up there!” This is often the reaction I get when someone learns that I’m Canadian. Many people that I’ve…

Dearest Clothing

Sorry to rain on your parade: it is not officially spring yet.

Bipolar weather ruins everything

Local psychiatrists, TV personalities trying to help

Toronto gets ice storm for Christmas

Three days before Christmas, the power went out for Toronto resident Evan Yeong. Freezing rain had assaulted Toronto for several days. The ice that built up on trees eventually caused…

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