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News Unsettled Native Students Union column

Indigenous communities must show support for Black- and POC-led movements without centering ourselves

Movements and social media trends like “Indigenous Lives Matter” need to stop In the past year, the Black Lives Matter movement has regained significant momentum and has been pushing for…

The writing of Indigenous women, non-binary, and two-spirit folks as resistance and resilience

Throughout the history of Turtle Island, Indigenous nations have been forced into conforming to European standards around sex and gender. Colonialists have imposed many systems and standards onto Indigenous nations,…
News Unsettled Native Students Union column

My hopes for Indigenous rights and allyship in the year 2021

The years of 2019/2020 felt like a regression in Indigenous rights and sovereignty. That is not to say that As we move into the year 2021 of the Gregorian calendar,…
News Unsettled Native Students Union column

Are you checking up on your Elders?

Many people are worried about jobs, money, and education through the pandemic; but, the gift of families, our Elders, and our communities is worth more than any material gain that…
News Unsettled Native Students Union column

Why “something else” needs to be taken more seriously

Though the category “something else” on CNN might be portrayed as a simple and innocent mistake, one that can be changed at will after outrage,
News Unsettled Native Students Union column

Confrontations at 1492 Land Back Lane bring some glaring colonial hypocrisy into light

Despite all these rights embedded within Canadian law regarding land and treaties the OPP and Foxgate, the company building the housing developments, keep referring to the defenders as “lawless”.
News Unsettled Native Students Union column

The healthcare system’s treatment of Indigenous people needs to change

Something that has been clear about healthcare in Canada for a long time is that it is, among many other services and institutions, an extremely unsafe place for Indigenous peoples.
News Unsettled Native Students Union column

Mi’kmaq fishers are facing violence for practicing treaty rights

The hostilities faced by the Mi’kmaq have reached levels far beyond a gathering of concerned fishers.One of the ways Nova Scotian fishers have foun
News Unsettled Native Students Union column

To stop the spread in Indigenous communities, Canada needs to respect Indigenous sovereignty over the land

the Canadian government has sat by and allowed for industry, the police, tourists and white supremacist protestors to run rampant on Indigenous territories.