Into the Mind brings emotion to ski-film genre

On Saturday Oct. 5, snow sport worshipers from across the Island met at Upstairs Cabaret to drink $4.50 PBRs and live vicariously through the skiers featured in long-awaited film Into…

Dispatches from book addiction

A lot of people have asked me if I’ve done anything fun with my summer. My full-time job doesn’t give many vacation days (sorry, students, but that’s real life for…

Announcement: Fiction contest results

The winning story is "Occupational Hazard," by Will Johnson

Apology re: “A Modern Modest Proposal”

In light of further community feedback, the Martlet editorial staff would like to apologize for any emotional or psychological harm our publication of this article may have caused to street-involved…

Photo contest – win cash for your photo!

Submit photos that capture a specific issue — societal, environmental or otherwise. With your photo include an explanation of the photo, the issue it highlights and how it could be…

Thanks for filling out the Martlet’s sex survey

We are now compiling the results. Look for them in the Feb. 14 issue and later this week on martlet.ca.

Achievable New Year’s resolutions

Stop stealing neighbour’s Wi-Fi. Work out daily for like a week and a half. Stop talking on the second floor of the library. Use the less familiar of the Student…

Swimming sensation: Ron Jacks

With his white, puffy hair, one would never peg Ron Jacks as a Canadian swimming legend. Although Jacks, over the past 50 years, has helped define Canadian swimming as a…

Are we willing to sacrifice our morals for our phones?

SACKVILLE (CUP) — In October, an investigation by a Chinese non-governmental organization exposed child labour at a factory on China’s east coast. The factory is owned by Foxconn, the manufacturer…

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