Wexit is a pipe dream

Alberta has deep, longstanding resentments against the federal government. But the reality is that Wexit rallies only attract a few dozen people. Instead of talking about Wexit, we need to…

Pro-oil club doesn’t feel represented at UVic, but the Ostrich is here to change that

In the coming months, we’ll be publishing more informative articles about the oil and gas industry. We’ll also be covering all Edmonton Oilers hockey games instead of the UVic Vikes'.…

Why are there so many Albertans at UVic?

It’s a situation we’ve all been in. You’re out with some new University of Victoria friends, getting some drinks, and learning about these people you’re really excited to get to…

Taber needs more than Kevin Bacon

In the last month, the small town of Taber, Alta. passed a bylaw called the “Community Standards Bylaw.” This piece of legislation has made the news in various countries across…

B.C. government plans for solar panel farms on soon-to-be-desolate Alberta province

Although the recent information on the Alberta oilsands leaking toxic chemicals into the surrounding water may be bad news for some, it seems to be a silver lining for others.…

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