black lives matter

Mona Wang’s case offers an opportunity to reflect on anti-Asian racism in Canada

Content warning: this article discusses police violence and racism. Some elements may be disturbing for some readers.  I’d like to thank Dr. Chris Willmore for his teachings on early Chinese-Canadian…
a far right protestor intimidates a Resist Canada 153 organizer

Resist Canada 153 attracts hundreds of attendees, clashes with far-right groups

Black and Indigenous-led event holds space at the Legislature, displacing fringe groups On July 1, the legislature lawn normally used for a Canada Day concert was instead filled with a…
Students walk through UVic campus

Optional training is not enough: UVic needs to enforce accountability to tackle systemic racism

President Cassels’s anti-racism training announcement does little to end systemic racism at UVic UVic’s president, Jamie Cassels, recently announced an optional anti-racism training program for staff and students, stating that…
Black Lives Matter art peopleless protest, people draw chalk around centennial square

WOC-led activism highlights racialized experiences and the BLM movement through art, community engagement

“Peopleless protest” aims to start dialogue about racism, but faced some backlash In response to George Floyd’s death from police brutality, a tight-knit group of young women of colour from…

Letter from the Editor: Black lives, and Black stories, matter

How we are building a newsroom against racism I’m not going to waste a second of your time with a series of platitudes about how the Martlet is against racism.…

Editorial | “Defund the police” is a call worth echoing

Among chants of “Black Lives Matter,” another related call is gaining traction: “defund the police.”  Behind these calls is a key message — if we defund the police, we have…
Three Black Lives Matter organizers

UVic students lead massive 9 000-person Peace Rally for Black Lives at Centennial Square

Chants of “Vic Sees, Vic Hears” marked a rally for centering Black lives and voices who refuse to be beaten down by systemic racism For the second time in a…
Black Lives Matter Protesters on Government Street

Hundreds flock to downtown streets for Black Lives Matter march and vigil

Peaceful all-day event grew from dozens throughout the day As a crowd of 300 gathered in front of the legislature, Vanessa Simone grasped a megaphone and spoke to the crowd. …

Why political movements can’t forget their marginalized members

When Hillary Clinton accepted the Democratic presidential nomination, it didn’t take long for pundits, thinkpiece writers, and Sanders detractors (some of them one in the same) to ask why those…

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