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Plan to plan your finances

Life is not a smooth cruise on a straight highway; it is a rocky mountain road full of curves, bumps, bruises, and turns. No one can predict for certain how…

Eating for two

Among all the forms that charitable organizations can take, there is an enormous variety of methodology and approaches to logistics, even when the different groups are attempting the same basic…

Bored? Games!

With today’s limitless choices in entertainment, from PC to console to mobile, we can easily get caught up in our digital experiences, lost in menus and virtual lobbies, sending invites…

Will to game: Card games for a crowd

Party season is here, and that means throngs of people standing awkwardly around a bowl of punch, or trying to keep their drink steady as they wiggle to Katy Perry…

Fresh from above

The announcement by Amazon Chief Executive Jeff Bezos that his company is in the planning stages of “Prime Air” drone delivery has set off a broad debate. Many are vocally…

MetaLab’s Andrew Wilkinson spends time with the Martlet

Andrew Wilkinson sits on a grey sofa in his company’s lounge, waiting for me to take his second portrait of the day. The first portrait, a standing one, did not…

Party games

There ain’t no party like a Mario party. At least, that’s what we used to say in the ’90s. Now it’s 2013, and although we may still break out the…

VicPD launches crime app

Want to fight crime using high-tech gadgets? Put away the cape and pull out your smartphone. The Victoria Police Department, working with Sunnyvale, Calif., startup MobilePD, has released Canada’s first…

CanAssist can assist you

UVic-based organization CanAssist has a growing reputation for excellence when it comes to providing assistance to people with disabilities. The group is notable not just for the quantity of cases…

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