Canadian government

Dear lawmakers: keep your legislation away from my uterus

Abortion was decriminalized in 1969. No law reflecting the Supreme Court's R. v Morgentaler decision ever passed through parliament, so no laws govern abortion in Canada. This is precisely the…
stolen sisters march indigenous

We need YOU to end Canada’s systemic genocide

Last week's MMIW report detailed 231 Calls for Justice to end the genocide of Indigenous peoples in Canada — but it will take more than Trudeau's reluctant acceptance of the…

Why Brunei’s implementation of sharia law is already forgotten

On April 3, the country of Brunei put into practice the final laws of a sharia, law-based penal code. Sex between men, anal sex, extramarital sex, and abortion now are…

Why we need to pay attention, Jody Wilson-Raybould isn’t the only one

If Wilson-Raybould couldn’t escape the circumstances plaguing her career, think about how many Indigenous women are currently in a workplace situation that demotes them, fires them, or forces them to…

NEWS UNSETTLED | Selling our relations: Indigenous profiteers

For Indigenous peoples living within Canada, there is no victory without sacrifice. While our cultures, homelands, languages, and protocols have all been trampled on and disrespected within the descent of…

The Minister of Status of Women on gender in politics, student leadership, and referendums

“You are the most powerful generation to have ever lived. You have the most at stake and the least voice at the table.” On Nov. 26, the Martlet had the…

Legal drugs can solve a litany of problems

(Like fighting the Taliban, curbing money laundering, reducing addiction rates, and ending the opioid crisis) On Oct. 17 Canada became the first G7 country, and the second country worldwide, to…

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