Roommate confessions: March 5, 2015

Loud roommates are the worst. Fighting with their partners is intolerable, and not inviting you to a party in your own house is just plain awful.

Bad date confessions

There are plenty of ways a date can go bad. We've decided to share some anonymous stories from writers about how their hot dates got put on ice.

Lessons on learning

The end of semester is full of paradoxes—the light at the end of the tunnel can be easily overshadowed by the remaining to-do list. Weeks seem to fly by, but…

Roommate confessions

Anonymous confessions by anonoymous roommates.

Roommate confessions

Got any quarrels or qualms from roommates past or present? Maybe you want to get something off your chest. Send them to We can print 500-word stories or quick…

Academic Confessions: Outside looking in

The first few lines of my CV and biography say: “Samantha Tsuruda holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree, Psychology Major, from the University of Victoria. She is a consultant in…

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