Broughton Archipelago, photo by Isabel Gregor.

Regulations in Canada’s Pacific are far from perfect

we need our governments to implement a network of well-enforced marine protected areas (MPAs) that protect our ecosystems. 
whale rhonda reidy

UVic PhD candidate studying humpback whale feeding behaviour

The other is a trio of humpback whales breathing together at the surface, one has the suction cup tag on its back.

Greater Victoria Green Team launches pilot project in Mystic Vale

B.C.’s biggest environmental volunteer organization partners with UVic’s Campus Planning and Sustainability office On Nov. 14, the Greater Victoria Green Team (GVGT) will host middle school students from Claremont Secondary…

Vancouver Aquarium ends captivity while Marineland ignores the whales in the room

On March 9, 2017, the Vancouver Park Board voted unanimously to end the captive beluga breeding program at the Vancouver Aquarium. The vote brings an end to the importation of…

Elephants never forget; ‘When Elephants Were Young’ makes sure we don’t either

Aug. 12 marks the fifth annual World Elephant Day (WED), and to celebrate, Cinecenta will be screening the documentary When Elephants Were Young by local filmmaker Patricia Sims and Michael…

Bison to come to Banff National Park. Did Harper do something right?

Bison once played a key role in Banff National Park’s ecosystem. According to a new version of Canada’s national conservation plan, they may do so again. The Harper government announced…

Low salmon returns make for hormonal bears

A recent study has uncovered that coastal grizzly bears are more prone to hostile behaviour when salmon numbers are low. The study, conducted by the University of Victoria, the University…

Deer management strategies considered, contested

According to an advisory group appointed to find solutions to the capital region’s deer problem, we should increase public education about deer, ease fencing regulations and allow hunters to kill…

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