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Downtrodden folk suffering under rental crisis should try being born into wealth

In the face of a dire housing crisis, proposed solutions have included encouraging personal financial management, building micro homes, and enacting legislation. Instead, readers should seek to be born into…

UVic should hold competitive study events, see who can ruin their health the fastest

"Being as I lack the stamina and fortitude to compete in the sport of Extreme Exam Periods, I have resolved, unqualified though I am, to compile something of an outline…

Health- and planet-conscious students must eat only wild plants, demand vegan gravity

"The revelation that our unhappy race has inexorably altered our little blue dot of a home-world has prompted all manner of strategies to plot our salvation, including handing over the…

University should improve fundraising efforts, shake down students for cash

How might modern colleges more efficiently, and with a friendly disposition, extract funds from reluctant current and former students? I have at least observed a handful of appropriate methods, some…

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