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Vote on potential divestment from short-term fossil fuel investments moved to January

A Board of Governors vote on whether to change UVic’s short term investment strategy to include options for divestment from fossil fuels has been moved to Jan. 28. This vote…

Students protest UVic fossil fuel investments at September Board of Governors meeting

Several dozen student protesters attended the first UVic Board of Governors meeting of the year to speak out against the university’s investments in fossil fuels. In the meeting, the BoG…

Protesters, university officials tight-lipped at May Board of Governors meeting

Over a dozen students attended the May Board of Governors meeting to protest the university’s continued investments in fossil fuels. Students, including many members of the student group Divest UVic,…

Students blockade Michael Williams Building at UVic

A group of students formed a picket line at 7:30 a.m. on Friday, blockading UVic’s primary administrative building to protest the #UVic Board of Governors' international tuition hikes and continued…

The Students Strike Back: UVic students take over Senate Chambers

On Tuesday, March 26, a mass of students — estimated between 100 and 200 people — rallied outside the University Centre Building at the University of Victoria to protest the…

Students to rally against UVic’s proposed 15 per cent international student tuition hike

On Tuesday, Mar. 26, students from the University of Victoria will be rallying in front of the UVic Senate Chambers in the University Centre Building to protest a proposed 15…

Divest UVic: It’s time to break up with fossil fuels

After a year of silence, Divest UVic is back. We checked in with what they have planned for the coming year, the history of divestment at UVic, and the strategic…

Growing momentum across Canada fuels the fire for divestment at UVic

As the debate rages around the future of fossil fuels in public industry and private life, university campuses have become a hotspot for pushback against investing in companies that deal…

Board of Governors continues divestment stall, moves on residence fee increases

The UVic Board of Governors stood firm on two big issues March 30 by stalling any decision regarding divestment from fossil fuels, and passing the budget framework for the 2016-17…

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