Recent seismic activity around Vancouver Island is “business as usual”

But the earthquakes serve as good reminder to be prepared If you live on Vancouver Island, you’ll know we live in an active earthquake zone called the Cascadia Subduction Zone.…

Things to do in Victoria next time you’re waiting for a tsunami

1. Go for a hike  Victoria is home to some amazing natural landscapes, and the hours before the total devastation of Vancouver Island is as good a time as any…

Shaking loose the fiction around earthquake safety codes

When the big earthquake hits, will the buildings on campus survive? Earthquake retrofits or not, the answer is most likely no. It’s a common mistake to think that seismic retrofits…

Impending earthquake on Vancouver Island ‘inevitable,’ experts say

According to the current earthquake media frenzy, experts are claiming that impending events will rip open the earth “like a zipper.” Unfortunately for residents near the Juan de Fuca plate,…

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