Why the struggle is real for Engineering students in online courses

The top 5 reasons why engineers are struggling to do well online After enduring an agonizing 10 months of online classes, I’ve learned a lot about why engineering students are…

UVic Hybrid team preps students for a bright future

The members of the UVic Hybrid team are thinking about the impact their learning today will have on our environment tomorrow. In addition to winning races on the track, members…
UVic Formula Motorsport club.

Over $2 500 in parts stolen from the UVic Formula Motorsport workshop

Crucial equipment was discovered missing from the UVic Formula Motorsport club's workshop yesterday, threatening their participation in an international competition this May. The parts are suspected to be stolen, and…

The real star of Black Panther

The Wakandan technology, its symbolism, and the female character behind it all Just a warning, there’s some spoilers ahead. I’d strongly suggest you go and watch the Black Panther movie…

UVic’s very own Satellite Design Club has big science in store

Next satellite project launches with equipment for dark energy research Not many students know that UVic has its own Satellite Design Club that builds satellites with important scientific payloads for…

VIES launches engineering speaker series with Bjarni Tryggvason

Canadian astronaut talks engineering, physics, and the Silver Dart’s 100th anniversary flight Bjarni Tryggvason, one of 14 astronauts to have served with Canada’s Space Agency (CSA), knows about achievement. When…

Throwback Thursday: Engineers are what?

Engineers: love ‘em, hate ‘em, literally can’t live without ‘em. Plus there’s that unique reputation that precedes them. Just think back to rush week and those crazy buzzcuts, or their incredible…

Engineering Students Society gets pushy―for a good cause

In support of The University of Victoria’s United Way Campaign, the Engineering Students Society (ESS) will have teams of students push a gutted Volkswagen Beetle around Ring Road from 8…

UVEC brings out the best in student engineering

This past Saturday, UVic engineers gathered in ECS to compete in UVEC, the University of Victoria Engineering Competition. The one-day event, consisting of team competitions in various disciplines, was a qualifying…

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