Biology exam textbooks and notes, photo by Paula Bessi via pixabay.

Exams: No one likes them, and yet professors continue to use them

Every exam period, students from all walks of life ponder the usefulness of exams. Are they worth the burden on student mental health? 
Graphic by Sie Douglas-Fish.

How to ace a humanities exam

University humanities courses often earn bad reputations for being impossible to study for. As a graduated English major, I get asked how people can study for humanities courses when the…

The signs suffering through exam season

Aries (Mar 21 — April 19) Your hot head is an issue when it comes to studying. With the Aries season (your messiest time of year) coming to a close, try to…

STREETERS: If you could give first-year students one piece of advice going into exam season, what would it be?

“[First-years should] find the right sources and make sure that they find a lot of friends … then they have friends to compare their homework with and to also study…

Senate approves consistent model for washroom breaks during exams

The UVic Senate approved additions to the “Regulation Governing Administration of University Examinations,” which were drafted by the Registrar’s office at the request of the Senate Committee on Academic Standards…

A-List: 5 ways to beat end of term stress

Don’t sleep Sleeping takes valuable time away from looking over your notes. You can sleep when you are dead, which will probably be after you are done your exams. Plan…

UVic student forced to withdraw over bathroom breaks

While attempting to write the deferred exams, Novlesky experienced unforeseen urinary urgency brought on by medication he was taking on a trial basis. On two of the occasions, after leaving…

Exams: is there a better way?

Like many learning institutions, the University of Victoria has strict schedules for final exams. Students must all file into their designated rooms at the same scheduled time, presumably to avoid…

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