Friendship makes the world go ‘round

In our constant search for romantic love, we often forget to acknowledge the friends who have been loving us in different ways the whole time.
An awkward hug, illustration by Sie Douglas-Fish.

The economy of the hug

Ah, the Board Game Café on bustling Yates Street in the heart of Victoria. Can you stand the excitement? Smells like popcorn, no? Bowls of buttered kernels overflowing next to…

It’s time to dethrone and re-conceptualize Valentine’s Day

While the show portrays Galentine’s Day as the day before Valentine’s Day, I propose Valentine’s Day be completely dethroned and re-conceptualized. And since platonic love is not only just for…

Living with friends: Does it ever really work? 

As we consider our living situations for the upcoming term, it’s worth asking: does living with friends as roommates ever really work? 
Two classmates exchanging contact info, graphic by Sie Douglas-Fish.

How to turn class friends into real friends

Classes are over and it’s left you realizing one thing: you haven’t once talked to any of the “friends” you’ve made over the semester. Were any of them actually your…

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