Vulvodynia: Why a condition that affects one in six North American women is ignored, under-researched, and underfunded

Though vulvodynia, chronic pain affecting the vulvar area, affects one in six North American women at some point in their lives, it receives disproportionately low funding, publicity, and research. Some…

In the wake of coronavirus outbreak, UVic forms response committee

New coronavirus 2019-nCoV has infected more citizens worldwide than the SARS outbreak of 2002-2003. While UVic takes action to support students and faculty, Canadian screening precautions consist of self-evaluation questionnaires…

Provincial government unveils new rules on vaping

While UVic students returned to campus from reading break earlier this month, the government of British Columbia announced plans to implement the toughest rules on vaping in the country in…

Vaccine shortages cause UVic flu clinic cancellations, delays

Amidst national flu shot shortages, several campus flu shot clinics have been subject to cancellations and delays, including UVic's annual free clinic for students and staff on Nov. 7.

Why I’m hatin’ Vape Nation

Too many people think vapes are exempt from the rules due to their overall low profile, and I’ve frankly had enough. Respect my right to clean air within campus, and…

It’s time to go cold turkey on meat consumption

Remember how you used to think your grandparents were crazy for still smoking a pack a day of Export As when you were young? It took many years after doctors…

What adults born after 1970 need to know about measles

Booster shots may be required With the outbreak of several cases of measles in B.C. since the beginning of 2019, here’s what you need to know about the spread and…

Running for a cause

UVic student Jordan Moore is running 150 laps around Ring Road this month in support of ‘Movember’ Movember is here again (and almost over!), which means you’ve likely noticed an…

The benefits of horsing around

It’s a cold, brisk Friday morning at Echo Riding Stables in the outskirts of Victoria, British Columbia. Several horses are in the grass surrounding the stables, wrapped in blankets, waiting…

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