How the healthy, natural path will lead you down the road to ruin

Stage 1: Water, water everywhere and I don’t want to drink It all starts with the desire to adopt a healthy lifestyle, but eventually you begin to crave anything other…

Alternative medicine on campus

There is a centre on the main floor of the Student Union Building (SUB) that offers appointments for, amongst other things, acupuncture and chiropractic. Jill Cooper, who works at the…


How missed periods can lead to bone loss, infertility and the end of athletic careers.

Advertisements affect eating choices adversely, authors say

Where do you get your nutritional advice? Inspired by the connection between student health and learning, the authors of the recently published nutrition book Eat to Save Your Life suggest…

Will we cure HIV in our lifetime?

Timothy Brown, the only man to beat HIV, wants to make sure we do

Food delivery: tough for the public to digest?

Many full-time students (and workers) may dread long trips to the grocery store, or simply don’t have time to go. In Victoria, however, some companies and organizations will help people…

Food intolerances may trigger student health issues

Though harder to detect than allergies, intolerances take a toll

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