Why ‘Glee’ needs to make a comeback

Glee was more than just a silly show about teenagers breaking out into cringy musical numbers — it was a cultural phenomenon. The show brought a new age of inclusivity.
The universal size chart

The universal size chart

Unifying and regulating sizes has the potential to implement beneficial changes to gender and size inclusivity and the environment.
AIR tabling, photo provided.

Student-led program offers space for inclusive recreation at UVic

This October marks the launch of the UVic Advocacy for Inclusive Recreation’s (AIR) fall program. After a successful summer pilot as the first program of this kind at UVic, AIR…
Graphic provided by UVic Education Student Equity Advocates.

Learning inclusivity: a review of a UVic Ed Student Equity workshop

It takes a lot to make me feel uncomfortable, but being made aware of my privilege in society will certainly do the trick.

All public bathrooms must be banned to ensure true gender neutrality

Some have suggested that all washrooms be made equally inclusive. Conversely, I feel that it is only patriotic of me to advocate a stronger solution. In the interest of true…

Victoria hosts 43rd annual Inclusion Conference

The Inclusion Conference delivered on its promise to bring together those in the inclusivity sector to “learn, celebrate, and discuss issues around intellectual disabilities.” This year, the conference was held…

LETTER | Re: “Blood and Bruises”

"In 'Blood and Bruises,' Natasha Simpson writes about traumatized children acting violently, arguing the UVic Teacher Education program fails to prepare teachers for these situations. This seriously misrepresents the valuable…

Trump’s presidency a cause for compassion

The multicultural mosaic that paints the free world isn’t just pretty, it’s practical — so here’s hoping it weathers the storm of Donald Trump’s presidency. For this mosaic to be preserved, Trump’s…

Open letter: Power and privilege don’t lead to collaborative, inclusive communities

This year, UVic’s Diversity Research Forum includes a panel taking place on Friday, Jan. 27, made up exclusively of UVic executives. Titled “Shared Lessons: On the Journey to a Collaborative, Inclusive…

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