Letter to the editor: From one generation to another

This is a rally cry from my generation to yours to vote in this critical upcoming federal election. Under the current prime minister, our country is heading backwards when we…

Letter to the editor: More to Atticus Finch than simple bigotry

Since the release of Harper Lee’s “sequel” Go Set A Watchman, many are disillusioned to learn that Atticus Finch, the hero of To Kill A Mockingbird, turned out to be…

Letters: April 2, 2015

Student activism out of control I am writing to register my surprise at seeing a good-faith effort at promoting green, healthy means of transportation disparaged because it was not sufficiently…

Letter from the editor

If you have stories of romance, of heartbreak, of loss, or of intrigue to those with Valentine’s on their minds, email volunteer@martlet.ca with your pitches.

Letters: Nov. 27

Re: “Board Shorts: Nov. 17“, “Board Shorts: Nov. 3“, “Board Shorts: Oct. 20” I thank you for your coverage of the recent censure of Director of Finance Cheema and near…

Re: Is Changes coming to the capital?

I applaud Changes the Clown. He reminds us that by using art, and something that draws attention, we can build public support and find real solutions to real problems. Still,…

Letters: Month of June

Re: “Fighting words: photo exhibit on indigenous oppression inspires conversation,” May 26, 2014 The problem with the CJPME’s photo exhibit was only alluded to with one short phrase in May’s…

Letters: Month of May

Re: “Out of the classroom and into the real world,” May 8, 2014 I understand Mr. Schwartz’s desire to level with us young-adults—I can envision him, sitting in his backwards…

Policing youth radicalization

“Officer, please, can you come and pick up my 14-year-old son? He’s exhibiting symptoms of ‘radicalization.’ The front page of the March 4th National Post instructed me to turn over…

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