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Essential worker anxiety, women in mask

For essential workers, the pandemic’s extra precautions add anxiety to the workplace

Working behind the scenes in construction during COVID-19 When COVID-19 hit B.C., action was taken quickly and most places that were not essential services were closed. Construction was declared an…

The UVSS health care policy marginalizes students with ADHD, and it’s a disgrace

"The UVSS health care plan removed prescription drug coverage for students with ADHD, it's time this was addressed."

Now, more than ever, is a time to be social (while physically distant)

For many of us, the changes brought by COVID-19, including being apart from family and friends, may feel isolating. However, now more than ever, remaining socially connected is crucial.

The key to happiness isn’t productivity

"For those of us for whom productivity is a lifestyle, it may be difficult to process that working from sunrise to sunset is no longer as viable as it once…

The difference between “physical” and “social” distancing

Experts are calling for a worldwide transition to using the term “physical distancing” to refer to COVID-19 public safety instructions rather than “social distancing,” which they argue can be misconstrued…

Maintaining good mental health in a pandemic

Things, to say the very least, are stressful at the moment. However, we’ve compiled some tips to help you maintain good mental health during the pandemic.

“We all fight a fight no one knows about”: Jordin Tootoo gives keynote speech at UVic Wellness Week

For the keynote speech at UVic’s sixth annual Wellness Week, Jordin Tootoo, the first Inuit player in the NHL, discussed his experiences with depression and alcoholism following his brother’s death…

UVic Women’s Rowing team deletes Instagram comments, shares photos of former rower critical of athletes who spoke out against head coach

Following UVic’s investigation into allegations against coach Barney Williams, members of the Vikes varsity women’s rowing team deleted comments on the team’s Instagram account which criticized the team, and shared…

UVic welcomes rebranded mental health week to campus

This year, UVic has partnered with 15 on-campus groups to host 25 events for their sixth annual week-long mental health event, including a sold out keynote showcase with Jordin Tootoo.

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