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Newly-launched BACK program aims to support BIPOC students’ mental health

Belonging, authenticity, communities of care, and knowledge — these are the pillars of the new mental health initiative BACK that was launched to support BIPOC students at UVic. BACK is…

Improve your mood by busting a groove

Through hardships, stressors, and difficulties, dancing has the power to create a sense of joy and contentment.
winter break, snow frosted trees

UVic to consider extending winter break after student petition

Over 1 500 people have signed a petition requesting a longer winter break As exam season approaches, many UVic students feel that they need a longer break over the winter…
suicide bereavement support stock image, Vancouver Island Crisis society

Vancouver Island Crisis Society launches suicide bereavement programs island-wide

As part of Suicide Prevention Awareness Month in September, the Vancouver Island Crisis Society (VICS) is expanding their Suicide Bereavement Support program island-wide via Zoom.
Graphic of person feeling the long wait times for mental health services

Students detail long wait times for mental health services

“So having this feeling of ‘I’m doing the right thing to obtain counselling,’ but when those services are difficult or even unattainable it feels like a huge failure.”

Online classes will have a negative impact on students social lives

When 90 per cent of undergraduate classes are online, how are we expected to socialize?  Last year, if someone told me I was going to be attending lectures from the…
Essential worker anxiety, women in mask

For essential workers, the pandemic’s extra precautions add anxiety to the workplace

Working behind the scenes in construction during COVID-19 When COVID-19 hit B.C., action was taken quickly and most places that were not essential services were closed. Construction was declared an…

The UVSS health care policy marginalizes students with ADHD, and it’s a disgrace

"The UVSS health care plan removed prescription drug coverage for students with ADHD, it's time this was addressed."

Now, more than ever, is a time to be social (while physically distant)

For many of us, the changes brought by COVID-19, including being apart from family and friends, may feel isolating. However, now more than ever, remaining socially connected is crucial.