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Dear Mr. President: A Martlet welcome to Kevin Hall

The students, faculty, and staff here are passionate and unafraid of raising issues that are important to them. In the past two years, students and faculty have asked the university…

LETTER | Re: UVic Campus Security officer photographs Divest protesters outside Michael Williams Building for ‘personal interest.’

"As standard operating procedure, Campus Security members photograph, record and take notes during numerous events on campus to provide an accurate record and to assist in further inquiries as needed.…
Letter to the editor

LETTER | Peaceful protests on campus

"Activities on campus by any persons is not considered a security threat except in the most serious circumstances," writes Keith Cascon, Security Manager with UVic Campus Security. "If that phrase…

Divest UVic blocks university executives and administrative staff from accessing the Michael Williams Building

“We feel that the administrators who work in this building are a threat to the security of our future,” said Juliet Watts, Divest BC Chair. “So, we’re not allowing them…

Students blockade Michael Williams Building at UVic

A group of students formed a picket line at 7:30 a.m. on Friday, blockading UVic’s primary administrative building to protest the #UVic Board of Governors' international tuition hikes and continued…

EDITORIAL | Why lack of student engagement is in UVic’s best interest

As students shuffle about, UVic laughs All across campus last week, students  walked past the larger-than-life images of aspiring student politicians on posters half-falling off buildings and — let’s face…

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