Bitcoin 101

Imagine this: you’re shopping online for a new Hello Kitty iPhone cover. You go to pay the merchant, but rather than giving them a credit card number, you transfer money…

The irrelevant Generation-Y of celebrities

I love Jennifer Lawrence as much as the last fanboy who tweeted about how she’s so down-to-earth, or giving a new face to female representation in Hollywood, or that gif…

They shoot, I write

I drew a hockey rink in my notebook. Underneath, on the same dotted lines that fifth-graders practice on, I described the play: “Naslund to Mo’, back to Naslund—he scores! The…

‘I hate you, now would you please take off your pants?’

Everyone has a pet peeve. Whether it’s chewing with your mouth open or making statements sound like questions? There’s always something that is a major turnoff. Of course, there’re other…

Enternships may be the new internships

In today’s still-shaky economic climate, it’s no surprise that recent graduates are sometimes struggling to land their dream job, and that a degree isn’t necessarily the golden ticket that it…

Butterfly creationist groups join together to protest evolutionary theory

The Insect History Convention received unexpected attention on Monday when a large group of butterflies arrived at the front steps of the Monarch Convention Center. Representing their creationist groups, the…

Editorial: Unfriending Facebook

Facebook is falling the way of the phonebook. Originally, it was so instant and interactive that people were hooked. But, with more and more instant forms of communication and social…

Language revitalization work is key at UVic and beyond

Jakob Derksen has lived most of his life on Coast Salish territory and is a graduate of the Certificate in Aboriginal Language Revitalization. The disappearance of a language is a…

Low salmon returns make for hormonal bears

A recent study has uncovered that coastal grizzly bears are more prone to hostile behaviour when salmon numbers are low. The study, conducted by the University of Victoria, the University…

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