Article on childhood cancer research funding is misleading

Recently, a Huffington Post article that some of my friends have been sharing on Facebook has been very irritating: Erin Santos’s “Awareness . . . What a Bullsh*t Word.” Santos comments that…

Syria’s conundrum continues

The best of intentions Following a Christmas address in which Pope Francis urged increased humanitarian aid to besieged Syrians suffering from the country’s extended civil war, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad…

The bewildering Mr. Harper

There’s a moment in Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln in which Thaddeus Stevens, played by Tommy Lee Jones, asks his flustered staff, “Hasn’t he [Abraham Lincoln] surprised you?” In many ways, Prime…

Language revitalization work is key at UVic and beyond

Jakob Derksen has lived most of his life on Coast Salish territory and is a graduate of the Certificate in Aboriginal Language Revitalization. The disappearance of a language is a…

Don’t assume consent

Megan Neufeld is a member of the Anti-Violence Project (AVP), an on-campus sexual assault resource centre, and wrote this article in consultation with other members. In a world of “blurred…

Full court press

In a landmark decision handed down Dec. 20, the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) struck down prostitution legislation, citing a violation of constitutional rights. Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin, on behalf…

Sexual harassment in clubs

As soon as you read the headline, maybe you rolled your eyes and sighed, “Oh here we go. Yet another stubborn feminist, giving us yet another rant . . .” However, I…

In praise of winter

Like an old god’s curse, winter has descended once more. The northern half of the province at least has the pleasantries of snow—that innocent pillow stuffing that smooths out the…

Geek commodity and gender equity

Geek culture is becoming a part of the mainstream. With the rapid adoption of video gaming and the commercial success of movie adaptations of popular comic books, among other growing…

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