Streeters: How do you feel about free online porn?

Josef Méthot Fourth year Medieval Studies “I think the fact that it is so available is really challenging to our society. It’s challenging to our depth of sexuality. I think…

Fashion Streeters: What does your style mean to you?

Kendra Martel Science First year (left) “This style represents to me the ability to be comfortable and confident at the same time.” Jacqueline Wilson Science First year (right) “To be…

What are your thoughts on the upcoming Olympic games?

Brandon Johnston Second year Civil Engineering “I’m excited to see team Canada play.” Elly Thorne Fourth year Religious Studies “I hope there’s some noise about, is all; I don’t expect…

What would you ask the university president?

Helen de Wit Political Science and Environmental Studies  “What are you doing to make a better future for us students?”   Mabel Bob-Manuel Third year Psychology and Environmental Studies “What…

What does fashion mean to you?

Jaclyn Rekis Second year Philosophy and Sociology “Fashion is kind of just personal preference, really. I don’t tend to follow any one style particularly. I like street fashion, so I…

Why do you think the food bank is a necessity for UVic students?

Nicole Heron Psychology Third Year “A lot of people don’t like to admit that they don’t have the money for food. So it’s a good place for people to go…

How do you feel about Ring Road? What would improve it?

Amy McDonald Fourth year History  “Maybe make it two ways? It’s kind of annoying when you miss a turnoff [and] you have to go all the way around again.”  …

What do you think of the athletic and recreation facilities on campus?

Andrew Wolf Fourth year Geography  “I like the Vikes recreational facilities, because I use them mostly for intramurals. If I had to make one change, I would like to see…

Streeters: What do you think of the new pub?

  Roxy Price Art History Graduate Manager of SUBtext “We know that there’s a bunch of graphics that are going to be going up, so we’re looking forward … excited…

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