Hardware review: a full-service tablet

My first tablet, the HP Touchsmart Tx2, was a laptop that happened to have a touchscreen, exemplifying the pre-iPad tablet. Weighing about five pounds, it had Windows, a 12-inch screen,…

I tried the Flappy Bird replacements so you don’t have to

I usually do my best to avoid viral game trends. I haven’t grown a Farmville; I’ve never drawn something with friends; and I’ve never played Candy Crush Saga, because I’ve…

Bringing the Internet to an offline generation

“Cyber-Seniors” is an inventive initiative for social change, making a strong impact through a deceptively simple idea. The documentary film of the same name, which played during this year’s Victoria…

UVic’s EcoCAR 2 and the future of engineering

Just outside Ring Road, in one of the old army huts, a group of enterprising young engineers toil, making their bid in a competition to help design the automobile of…

American Comcast-Netflix deal may have consequences in Canada

On Feb. 23, the Internet video service Netflix announced that it had reached an agreement with American Internet service provider (ISP) giant Comcast, whereby it would pay for direct access…

Delving into the cryptocurrency phenomenon

Anyone who’s ever tried to send money electronically knows that it can be a huge hassle. Wire transfer fees are outrageous; currency brokers like Western Union might charge as much…

The will to game: Jumping in

Beta-culture has become an integral element of a large number of software products. From new combined services like Google+ and Minecraft, developers are releasing early, usually to test the waters…

Google states barges will be a place to learn about new technology

Internet tech giant Google released a press statement Wednesday, ending weeks of speculation as to the purpose of several massive barges being constructed on both the east and west coast…

Party games

There ain’t no party like a Mario party. At least, that’s what we used to say in the ’90s. Now it’s 2013, and although we may still break out the…

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