Dating apps

The downfall of dating apps

My best recommendation is to skip the dating apps, however tempting they may be. The data supports taking it slow, forming friendships first.

Dating apps foster superficial connection, but it is possible to find a long-term match

Nowadays, so many people I talk to have stories about hookups or one-time dates they met on Tinder. The app has become synonymous with casual sex and dating, not relationships. However,…
Sex and dating in the time of COVID-19 graphic of sex toys and mask

5 tips for sex and dating in the time of COVID-19

Below are a few tips for sex and dating during COVID-19 that may make your search for a boo safer for you. The pursuit of pleasure and intimacy

DEAREST READER | An association must be founded to give voice to dejected single people

At time of writing, Valentine’s Day has very nearly unleashed itself upon millions of unsuspecting Hallmark recipients. However, today I write not of the chocolate-recipients or Tinder date-goers, but rather…

Tinder horror stories: When swiping right goes wrong

On a site where people describe themselves in their bios as “definitely a bad influence,” “not actually a douche bag,” and “looking for a strong, confident woman … who understands…

When good men grow moustaches (and beards)

A Movember rant November has reared its ugly head once more, marking that time of the year when men grow out their facial hair to support awareness for men’s mental…

What people do if they’re “not dating”

Dates don’t usually come until after you’re a bona fide couple, but who knows what that looks like anymore? Are you two a ‘thing’? Are you seeing each other? Are…

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