bachelor's degree

When it comes to bachelor’s degrees, five years is the new four

In reality, many people spend more than four years doing their bachelor’s degrees; my own degree has taken four and a half years.

Good grief: A call for academia to better support bereaved students

Anyone who has experienced grief and bereavement amidst a sea of deadlines understands how uniquely impossible the situation feels.
President Kevin Hall

“That’s what keeps us in academia, being around for the students who are going to be the future leaders of generations to come”

Halfway into his five-year term, Hall agreed to sit down with the Martlet to chat about his role at UVic, student perspectives, and himself.

Advice from recent and soon-to-be graduates

With graduation season behind us and the next school year just around the corner, we have a few pieces of advice to impart.
UVSS election results

UVSS election ushers in new Board of Directors, referendum fails to meet quorum

The polls have now closed for this year’s UVSS election, and the results are in for the newly-elected UVSS Board of Directors.
tired student

How to combat lingering burnout from finals season

If the new term already has you dealing with burnout, you’re not alone The first month of the winter semester has almost passed, but university students have been feeling the…
Biology exam textbooks and notes, photo by Paula Bessi via pixabay.

Exams: No one likes them, and yet professors continue to use them

Every exam period, students from all walks of life ponder the usefulness of exams. Are they worth the burden on student mental health? 

Starbucks is stressing you out

Caffeine did not make me any more successful, productive, or even awake — it just made me into an anxious yet alert squirrel for a few hours. Quitting six months…

How watching sitcoms helped get me through the transition from high school to university

"Television sitcoms make me laugh, they make me cry, and they make me think about my family. I don’t know how it started, but when I was growing up my…

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